Mental Health Speakers

“Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity.” ― Roy Bennett

Do you need someone to speak on mental, emotional, or relational wellness for your group, school, organization or business? Mental health speakers do just that. I love the opportunity to speak about these areas of wellness to groups. The more who know, the merrier right?

I've watched first hand and witnessed the difference that mental health speakers can make in large and small groups of people, which has inspired me to take on this role. While speaking, I use my educational background in psychology, wellness knowledge and 10 ten years of work in the field to excite, encourage, empower and educate my audience.

I have experience not only in mental health speaking, but writing on mental health related topics for companies such as Charlotte Magazine, Providence Day School & Fun4Charlotte kids to name a few.

The process is simple, tell me what topic you are interested in exploring and I will tailor a presentation to meet those needs. Mental health speakers can be as interactive as you would like. I enjoy engaging the crowd in the presentation. I believe becoming active during the speech allows for a greater likelihood for the information to be retained. 

mental health speakers

Common topics I have presented on include:

Coping with anxiety and/or depression

Child and adolescent mental health

Emotional balance

Mental health awareness

Interpersonal relationships

Healthy boundaries in relationships

"Working with Jessica has been a seamless process. She has been able to answer all of my questions and break down the process to small achievable steps. Starting your own private practice can seem like an overwhelming task. Having Jessica's guidance and organization was essential in getting my new business off the ground. I would highly recommend Jessica for her enthusiasm and experience in the field of private practice."
— Juliene Simpson Cook, MS, LPC
Cook Counseling

"Jessica is such an amazing therapist and really helped me learn ways to deal with my past trauma/letting go issues. I have been to therapists before and because of my profession they think well “you already know this”. Jessica however actively listened, encouraged, and met me where I was without throwing my profession in the mix. I am forever grateful to have had Jessica as my therapist."

— Former Client
Craig Counseling

"Jessica was able to create a comfortable environment where our girls can have honest conversations around Mental Health. Our girls were able to gain important knowledge about themselves, and gather resources that would further support a healthy lifestyle. In addition to that, Jessica created a space where concerns and real life scenarios were discussed and shared in a judgement free group. Jessica has a great ability to connect with our youth, which makes her an amazing and dynamic facilitator to have." 

— Karina Vogel, PMP
Circle de Luz

"Jessica is very knowledgeable and professional. She has helped me work through difficult times and pushed me to think about life's obstacles in a new way. If you are looking for a therapist who is passionate, friendly and will take you to a new level I'd recommend Jessica." 

— Ayana Barrow, Esq.
Corporate Staff Counsel Geico

"Jessica has been essential in starting my own private practice. She helped guide and inform every step of creating my own practice and has been THE reason I decided to make this career choice. Knowledgeable, experiences, and well-versed in all things private practice!"

— Colleen Marchese, MSW, LCSW
Clara Counseling 

"Jessica is hands down the best therapist in Charlotte, NC. As a medical provider who refers patients to her practice for counseling, I can tell you that her approach works. She is intuitive and doesn't refrain from pointing out the patterns in behavior that are keeping patients from being emotionally and mentally healthy."

 — Local South Charlotte Psychiatrist, M.D.

Private Practice

"In our middle school parent lunch and learn 'Tackling Anxiety and Making it Tangible for Our T(w)eens,' Jessica did a wonderful job of explaining about anxiety and how it manifests in our students. In addition to being knowledgable, Jessica was very organized, well spoken, and personable. Our parents left with a great level of understanding while feeling heard."

— Credell Coleman, MS
Providence Day School

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