Barbara Scott, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Therapist, Charlotte, NC

"I cannot think of a more enjoyable career, one intended to help improve the lives of others recognizing the smallest improvement as a success."

I am a solution-focused therapist that strives to assist individuals in finding the root of their problems, while developing coping skills to help them navigate through life. Working with couples is one of my passions. Relationships can be very difficult at times! When the couple gets stuck, that is where I come in. I think transparency is very important, especially when I work with couples. I always explain that things will be said that may leave you feeling vulnerable in counseling, which doesn't always feel great. Trusting me as your therapist and guide is important, which is why I spend the time gaining rapport at the start of my work with individuals and couples.

In utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, I help my clients to develop a clear understanding of their thoughts and beliefs, allowing them to view their circumstances and direction more clearly. Based on my experiences in multiple settings as a therapist, I've had the opportunity to work with children and adults with many different diagnosis. I am so grateful for these experiences, because I've gained many tools along the way and use them in a complimentary way with my clients. My nature is warm and welcoming, balancing being challenging when the time is right.

Barbara EDIT

My ideal client is:

  • Depressed or sad
  • An overwhelmed couple
  • Anxious or worried
  • Struggling with their relationship
  • Having difficulty controlling their anger
  • In need of afternoon or evening appointments.

Barbara is no longer accepting new clients at this time. 

University of South Carolina, Master of Social Work

North Carolina Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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